The parish of Hunwick is served by the Church of St. Paul and the parish of Willington and Sunnybrow is served by the church of St. Stephen, Willington.

Fr. David Spokes is Vicar

of the two parishes and is supported by Churchwardens, retired clergy and Lay Ministers.


Meet the Parochial Church Council of
St. Paul's Church, Hunwick


Meet the Parochial Church Council of
St. Stephen's Church, Willington


Mr. Maurice Pearson (Churchwarden - Hunwick)

55 Low Willington
DL15 0BG

01388 745627


Mrs Wendy Peacock (Churchwarden - Hunwick)

12 West End Hunwick
DL15 0LH

01388 662337


Mrs Gloria Dobson (Churchwarden - Willington)

108b Commercial Street


DL15 0AA


01388 745745


Ms Daphne Scarr (Churchwarden - Willington)

22 St.  John's Gardens


DL15 0LU


01388 747799



The following ministers can initially be contacted through either the Priest in Charge or one of the Churchwardens

Fr. Tony Cavannah (Permission to Officiate at Hunwick)

Ven. Shirley Griffiths (Permission to Officiate at Willington)

Mr. Peter Booth (Reader licenced at Hunwick)

Mrs Gillian Spokes (Authorised Pastoral Assistant - Hunwick and Willington)

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