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Christening, or Baptism is the first step along an amazing, lifelong journey with God. There is no minimum or maximum age to be baptised, adults are just as likely to be baptised nowadays as their parents probably took a decision to let their children Jessica and Katherine Baptismvsm "decide for themselves". Some parents ask to book a date for a baptism before the baby is born, which is a good way to reserve an important or preferred date as waiting times can often be several months. However, as there is no time limit to baptism it is more important to consider and then prepare properly than rush.

On a Sunday morning, once a month at the 9.00am service (in Huwick) and at the 10.30am service (in Willington) we welcome families and friends to join us for one of our regular Eucharist services during which the baptism will take place. We make a few adjustments to the regular service so that it lasts no more than one hour. Where possible, we try to make your family baptism an exclusive event, hence it is important to speak to the vicar, Fr. David Spokes as soon as possible to arrange a date and get started on the preparations.  We suggest you come to the service where you think you would prefer the baptism to take place, to get to see what happens on a "usual" Sunday morning and then speak to the vicar immediately afterwards to discuss a suitable date and arrange for a home visit.

The Church of England has authorised an alternative order of service for the baptism of children and this is the preferred version used within our services as it is shorter and a little simpler in the wording. You can read the preferred Baptism Supplement to the main Order of Service by clicking Baptism Supplement.

You can see the full order of service on the Church of England's web site by clicking here.

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