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There are a number of elements that combine to make the total cost of a church wedding some are statutory and fixed and some are optional. The fees are usually amended each year from 1st January and so the costs for 2021 are as follows:

 Legal fees, clergy and use of the church £464 
 Marriage Certificate £   11 
 Readings of the Banns in the church in which the wedding takes place* £  31 
 Minimum Statutory Charge £506 
 Verger £  33 
 Organist £  55 
 Bellringers (in St. Stephen's Willington only) £180 
 Heating when required £  80 
 Maximum Statutory and Optional Charge £854 

 * Please note that if one or both of you lives in a parish or parishes other than the one where the wedding will take place, a further reading of the banns will be required in each church at an additional charge of £46 for each church

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